Amiga Launches New Version of AmigaAnywhere

Date 3-Feb-2008 13:48:32
Topic: Announcement

Amiga, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of AmigaAnywhere™ version 2 to registered Amiga SDA developers. AmigaAnywhere 2 is the next step in the development of the new Amiga Operating System. AA2 content can run on a variety of different platforms, covering devices such as mobile phones, STBs, laptops, PCs and servers. The latest version of AmigaAnywhere facilitates media-rich content anytime, anywhere..

Under the new platform, developers are able to quickly and efficiently create multimedia applications and services that are written once then, in a single step, compiled to multiple target platforms.

To get more information, and/or to register as an SDA developer, visit Also see our list of AA2 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

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