FPSE - Free PlayStation Emulator

Date 3-Feb-2008 14:31:53
Topic: Software News

LDChen and AmiDog are proud to present the latest version of FPSE - Free PlayStation Emulator.

Some of the highlight in this release include:


* Based on the very latest 0.10 core
* Bugfixed and optimized recompiler (JIT)
* BIOS emulation, many games can be played without a BIOS dump
* SUBQ emulation makes copy protected games playable
* Altivec optimizations
* Link mode (link cable emulation)
* Game specific fixes and optimizations
* Bugfixed XA playback
* CDDA playback
* CDDA to SPU option allow reverb effects on CDDA
* Support for several common CD image formats
* Bugfixed and optimized Warp3D renderer
* AmigaInput support
* New plugins for multitap and gun emulation
* M680x0 AmigaOS3 version complete with recompiler
* Plus many more fixes and improvements all over the place

We hope you will have just as much fun playing with it as we have had working on it!


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