PerfectPaint V2.925 is available

Date 23-Apr-2003 17:37:12
Topic: Software News

Halvadjian Georges has released a new version of his Freeware painting program Perfect Paint. Here's a picture showing the new MagicSpray processing tool. Read more for the list of changes.

Perfect Paint's Page

- Improved PPM and PBM format.
- Separate Brush, Picture, palette and anim path for each buffer.
- New color correction tool:
=>"Adjust RGB level", "Auto RGB level" and pixel count.
=>"Chromatic correction" (usefull for chromatic aberration)
=>"Optimize palette" and the arexx command:
Will remove unused color from the palette to reduce
the depth of the picture without lost.
Can also sort the palette with unused color in the end.
- Fix some little bug with CMAP palette, brush album
- Keyboard F10: Now remove not only toolbox window but all floating window.
- Improved text requester
- Number of font in listview are now unlimited.
- Improved turboprint communication (correct Inch are send, Menu and color works well)
- New arexx command: pp_GetDPI
- Improved template requester, with preview.
- Fix a bug (introduced in the last version) with processing tool
- New powerfull processing tool:
- MagicSpray, will spray current brush or severall brushes (Magic Album)
with variation of size, color, rotation, shadow ... in real time.
Include some MagicProject.
Other MagicProject are available on PerfectPaint's Page.
- Little bug fixed with keyboard shortcut
Brush preview is showed with full transparency (album requester)
- Improved Undo

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