AOZ (AFA OS zune) (beta to use as MUI replacement) 4

Date 5-Feb-2008 15:16:30
Topic: Software News

AOZ (AFA OS zune) (beta to use as MUI replacement) 4

Actual classes for YAM2.5 that allow you to work with round buttons in boopsi, stormwizard and MUI program run under zune are all beta versions.

If you don't like the beta test replacements, don't promote MUI programs to use zune with the "zune promoter".

Scalos will use zune if zune_lib.exe is used.
If you don't want to use this with Scalos, remove the zune_lib.exe from afa_os_libs. (Note that usage of round buttons will not be possible then).

Screenshot Arteffect with round Glass Buttons.

(are in dir lookingclass/18/buttons)
copy to your skins.button_ ist grey glass button

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