MossyCon 4 is go!

Date 6-Feb-2008 5:32:39
Topic: Events

That's right! It nearly took a well-set neutomic charge but MossyCon 4 is on track as the first North American C=/Amiga event of 2008. Here are the details --

Date: Sunday, March 16

Set-up time: 10 am

Official show time: 11 am to 3 pm

Unofficial show time: 3 pm to ?

Location: Fultano's Pizza
620 Olney Ave. (just off of Highway 101/5th St.)
Astoria, Oregon 97103
Phone: 503 325-2855

Admission: Chip in for pizza, sodas, beer, coffee, etc.

Raffle prizes: new-in-box GEOS 64 2.0, DTV stamps, and more

Presentations (tentative): JiffyDOSsed VIC-20 with CMD FD drives and hard drive, Lt. Kernal hard drive for the C64, Behr-Bonz VIC-20 Multicart, Beginner's walkthrough of the C64 User's Manual, Commodore/Amiga videos, Prophet 64 in a modded SX-64

On exhibit: Dave Haynie-autographed Amiga 4000, CommodoreOne, modded SX-64s

For nearby accomodations, go to and input Astoria, OR

For more MossyCon 4 information, contact the chancellor of the Anything Commodore User Group (ACUG), David Mohr, at lordronin(at)

Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group
The Other Group of Amigoids

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