Up Rough 10 Year Anniversary Party Media Online!

Date 6-Feb-2008 16:02:50
Topic: Events

Allright, all you bangers, here’s what you’ve been waiting for!
The phattest compilation to hit your speakaz and screens in years.
This is a live recording of all the music that was played/performed at the anniversary party.
No need to leave your dirty dataroom, just leech away and experience the
Up Rough 10 Year Anniversary on your own, let those mantits BOUNCE!

7 hours of music, live sets and DJ sets, hours of new unreleased tracks! Here's the tracklisting:

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01. Dipswitch - Roots and Rockers
02. Spot - Dancehall
03. Spot & Dipswitch - Back to Back
04. Optiroc - The Warmup
05. Qwan - Live
06. Yoki & Stewart One - Turntablism
07. Yoki - Live
08. Optiroc - The Meltdown
09. Goto80 & Fleshrocker - Live
10. 2Krazy - Dubstep

There's also a LOT of photos and videos available from the party.
Most live sets are available as movies aswell, so all you people that asked us to document it for you,
you've been heard, bigtime! Visit uprough.net and enjoy it all!

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