FryingPan 1.3.0

Date 11-Feb-2008 16:26:57
Topic: Software News

I'm happy to announce the new release of The Frying Pan (1.3.0) which comes with following fixes and features:

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- 0000078: [Behaviour] Make Fryingpan remember current prefs (Error)
- 0000089: [Behaviour] Invalid FP behaviour on adding RAW audio files (Error)
- 0000041: [Behaviour] Write Speed is too high (Error)
- 0000082: [GUI] Snapshot normal / reduced window positions and sizes (Error)
- 0000087: [GUI] Add system menu featuring MUI settings (Error)
- 0000085: [Behaviour] FP wont allow the highest writing speeds for the media (Error)
- 0000071: [Engine] Crash during iso construction on OS4 with SP1 (Error)
- 0000073: [Behaviour] Support for Plextor Drive (Error)
- 0000054: [Engine] EngineOps crashing while burning MP3's (Error)
- 0000055: [Engine] EngineOps crashed while burning MP3's (Error)
- 0000086: [Behaviour] FP crashed after I chose to add an ISO format file into "Data/Audio Tracks" menu (Error)
- 0000074: [GUI] FP throws assertion failure dt != 0 with old datatypes.library (Error)
- 0000084: [GUI] Replace module-open assertions with requesters (Error)
- 0000051: [Data Handling / Plugins] Support for foreign image system (nero) (Error)
- 0000076: [Feature Request] Optimize FryingPan code (Error)
- 0000075: [Engine] Some drives don't report all available writing speeds (Error)
- 0000068: [Behaviour] problems launching fp when device is missing (Error)
- 0000072: [Behaviour] UAE: unable to start application when device is not present (Error)
- 0000069: [Feature Request] Support for foreign image system (cue/bin) (Error)
to conclude above:
- disc image handling has been added - you can use cue or nrg images (although certain track formats may still be unsupported due to 'closed format' of NRG structure),
- CD masterizing goes one step ahead with indices (available primarily with CUE only)
- Certain Toshiba, Panasonic and Plextor drives are now supported
- MP3 issue has been resolved on PPC platforms (original includes still don't feature adequate __attribute__'s)
- bug fixes
- UI improvements

Have fun!

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