ANAIIS v0.96 available

Date 12-Feb-2008 13:49:28
Topic: Software News

ANAIIS v0.96 available
Submitted by Gilloo on 11-Feb-2008

- USB for all Amigas - Beta Testers Wanted

ANAIIS v0.96 is available on Aminet.

The ugly bug seen on Highway is now fixed! SAS C generates huge code for nothing. I fixed it using some intermediate address register as before.


Now you can use Subway on:
- A600,
- A500,
- A500+,
- A1000 with a clockport adaptater.
- and Highway everywhere a ZorroII slot is present.

Highway + Subway (wow, 8 usb ports :) on a single host. It's my dev configuration.

Kickstarts versions & OS:
KS 31, OS 1.1 gui is strange.
KS 33, OS 1.2 expansion bug can be work arounded.
KS 34, OS 1.3 reference for tests.
KS 36-38, OS 2.x
KS 39-4x, OS 3.x reference for tests.
KS 50, OS 4.0 special mousewheel intuition message.

If you have remarks, let me know.
Have a good day.

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