MindSpace 1.1 released. MindSpace 2 officially started.

Date 14-Feb-2008 16:31:59
Topic: Software News

MindSpace is a vector drawing program for OS4 aimed at producing MindMaps, UML and other diagrams. Version 1.1 is now available to registered users via the MindSpace website. The main new feature for 1.1 is the addition of text boxes, so that you can do this


This will be the last official release of MindSpace for some time. Work has now begun in earnest on MindSpace 2, which aims to be a much more flexible and complete vector drawing/illustration package for Amiga platforms (think Inkscape). A work-in-progress snapshot of MindSpace 2 is also available from the MindSpace website.
MindSpace 2 screenshot 1
MindSpace 2 screenshot 2

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