Status update of the Hollywood mailing list

Date 17-Feb-2008 13:22:53
Topic: Miscellaneous News

The Hollywood mailing list is online at Some time ago, the list's join policy was changed to "invite only" to prevent spammers from flooding the list with their advertisements. Unfortunately, this change in the join policy was a one-time setting so the Hollywood mailing list is doomed to stay "invite only" forever.

However... there is now a way around that....

So, to make it easier for users to join the list, there is now a form on the product page of Hollywood on the Airsoft Softwair homepage. Users who want to join the list can simply fill out this form and will then soon receive a personal invitation. The Hollywood mailing list is open to everyone.

You do not have to own Hollywood in order to join the list. If you are interested in the program and/or have some questions about it, feel free to join the list. There are lots of helpful people on it who know much about Hollywood. And if everything fails, the author of Hollywood himself also is on the list.

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