DvPlayer v0.65 Released

Date 18-Feb-2008 21:40:24
Topic: Software News

A new version of DvPlayer is now available on the DvPlayer Website.

Read more for changes in this version....

Changes in this version:

- Added support for ASF and WMV files with prebuffering, intelligent frame-
skipping, index handling and a/v synchronisation

- Fixes and improvements to rendering routines and added support for some
new YUV colour formats

- Added USEBAND tooltype/option allowing the performance to be fine-tuned on
different systems

- Added AUTOEXIT tooltype/option

- Added SUBTITLECHARSET tooltype/option allowing to specify any character
set for subtitles (by default the system setting is used)

- Added suport for html-style tags in subtitles: currently italic tag is
used, other tags are ignored

- Fixed bugs in subtitle support

- Fixes and improvements in audio/video synchronisation

- Added support for volume adjustment via provided keys on Multimedia

- Many other bugfixes and improvements (GUI, menu, I/O plugin handling,

If you're a registered user you should have already received the update via E-Mail. If you have not, please contact the author.

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