Pete's FTP v0.2 released!

Date 20-Feb-2008 13:13:36
Topic: Software News

Pete's FTP is an advanced OS4 native FTP/SFTP client.

You can download it from here:


* Fully multithreaded design
* (S)FTP to (S)FTP transfers (any combination)
* Multiple windows (for local, SFTP and FTP connections)
* Browsing while downloading
* Drag and drop
* Reaction GUI
* Pause and resume transfers
* Resume files that are already present at the target
* Transferring of whole directories with contents
* Deletion of directories with all contents
* Passive and active transfers supported
* Optional automatic binary/ascii mode setting
* AISS toolbars
* Detailed HTML documentation
* Localised (translations welcome

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Changes since v0.1:

- Now copes with multi-line responses that don't
start every line with a code and a dash. Thanks
to James Carroll for the report.
- Fixed a DSI that could occasionally happen during
FTP to FTP transfers.
- Properly copes with 125 responses for the LIST
command. Thanks to Dwayne Jarvis for the report.
- Now updates CPS information for active transfers
even when they stall.
- When warning you about potentially overwriting
a local file, it gives you the current stats
about the existing files size and date rather
than the ones in the local browser, in case they
have changed in the meantime.
- When sending a local file, it rechecks the local
files length before starting the transfer instead
of relying on the possibly stale value in the
local browser window.
- Properly copes with servers that don't put a
leading zero in the hours column. Thanks to
Dwayne Jarvis for his help nailing this one.
- Reordered the transfer queue columns so that the
basic information is all to the left and the
source/destination directories are at the far
end (file,%,cps,srcdir,destdir instead of
- You can now specify the path to the ssh
executable if you don't wish to keep it in the
system searchpath. Simply specify the path where
ssh resides in a "SSHPATH" tooltype. Sorry I
can't remember who suggested this.
- You can now specify a local path to go to when
you connect to a server (see docs).
- Transfers in the queue now have a fancy progress
bar behind the percentage readout.
- Passwords are now encrypted in the .servers file.
Old .server files with plaintext passwords will
be automatically converted when you quit PFTP
or connect to a server.

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