AmigaOS 4.0 February 2008 update for CyberStormPPC and BlizzardPPC available

Date 23-Feb-2008 11:01:29
Topic: Software News

Hyperion Entertainment VOF have released a new update for AmigaOS 4.0 on CyberStormPPC and BlizzardPPC equipped Amigas.

What's in the update:

• A new kernel that fixes outstanding issues with the Mediator 1200/Voodoo combination as well as some other minor bugfixes
• Support for all Mediator models, including the new Mediator 1200 TX
• Updated Intuition and Layers modules that fix a rare occurance of graphics trashing
• Fixed queue-handler
• Two AREXX-libraries that have been missing in the original release
• Updated RealTek 8029 network driver that fixes a lockup problem
• A new version of DvPlayer SE

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