Amiga Arena - AlphaBase free fullversion

Date 25-Apr-2003 15:15:19
Topic: Software News

With the permission and in co-operation with Maik Schmidt, Amiga Arena has made freely available the fullversion of "AlphaBase". "AlphaBase" is a user friendly database program. The source code is also available to Amiga Arena.

Amiga Arena

The traditional Amiga workbench drop menus are augmented with buttons
that give easy access to each of the available function.
The buttons carry standard function symbols or graphics with a further
one line help script that appears in the bottom window whenever the cursor
is placed over a button.
Two types of database design are supported at present.
The first is a formless address type and the second is a data record
handling type with allows the inclusion of text,
pictures and sound with each record.

- OS 3.0 workbench & libraries

- 1MB ChipMem + 2MB FastMem of working space

Source Code available!
If you would like to develop on AlphaBase (Blitzbasic) in the Future,
please contact me.


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