Date 25-Feb-2008 15:41:40
Topic: Miscellaneous News

A new version of PSPUAE (Amiga Emulator for PSP) has been released, changes / improvements are listed below.

V0.70 - FOL update

* Added alot of Rics FAMEC code and optimisations. (Gave some speed increase)
* Altered Hsync handler. (Removes slow down when sprites on screen, with CPU = MAX)

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* Altered CPU CYCLE UNIT to 256 (Gave the most speed increase)
* Altered CHIPSET settings (To fall inline with CPU CYCLE UNIT change, its now a much more finer setting than in previous versions. Giving better results)
* Added Rics FAMEC Sound code (Still clicks, we know what the problem is, but i need help to solve it)
* Added Interpolation 4CH Sound under sound menu (This can improve sound slighty)
* Altered HEAP SIZE for available memory to PSPUAE (This solves all memory problems)
* Added Rics FAMEC FrameSkip Algorithm (This gives a finer smoother Auto FrameSkip)

Remember Read the README`s, I have readded the "options and what they are" section.

You can download it from our DOWNLOADS section

Visit PSPUAE for more info.

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