OWB 1.13 released

Date 25-Feb-2008 13:11:46
Topic: Software News

Joerg has done it again. OWB version 1.13 is now released.

Changes in this version:

* Fixed OWB bug 178 (fonts related endless loops) in the AmigaOS4 fonts implementation.
* If loading a page failed the progress bar is set to 0 now.
* Added tooltype DISABLEGIFANIMS, if it's set the anims are still played once since usually the last image is better than the first.
* Using shared libcurl, libssl, libxml2, libxslt and libz now, you have to download sobjs.lha, extract it and and copy them to SOBJS:. Not required if you use AmiUpdate to update OWB, the new shared objects are installed automatically.
* The shared libcurl uses DEVS:curl-ca-bundle.crt instead of S:curl-ca-bundle.crt (since it's not a script using S: was wrong).
* Mounting RANDOM: is not required any more.


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