Amiga North Thames - Project Amiga OS4

Date 2-Mar-2008 13:19:23
Topic: Events

Somewhere in deepest Enfield, Middlesex, United Kingdom. A Bunch of die hard Amiga Enthusiasts are planning a Classic Amiga OS4 Install fest.

If you can make it and you feel brave, then maybe, just maybe, you too can find the ANT Usergroup

So... do you feel brave enough? Read more!

To boot:

AmigaOS4 installed on 3 Classic PPC Machines:
1x PPC Amiga 1200 Tower
1x PPC Amiga 1200 Tower with Mediator
1x PPC Amiga 1200 to be stripped and rehoused into new home.

Plus, for additional entertainment, you can always meet Mikey_C - the Chairman of ANT - a man with no wit, charm or brains - but good for a laugh though!

All this, plus Tea, Coffee, Biscuits, and who knows what else!

Venue: Enfield, Middlesex, UK.
Date: Sunday 9th of March 2008.

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