ESA long-needed update released

Date 3-Mar-2008 11:47:19
Topic: Software News

After several years, a new update of ESA is available. This update fixes the outstanding issues and has better documentation. It can be downloaded Aminet.

ESA is a code pre-processor that allows to enrich M68k assembly sources with typical higher-level constructions. Its job is to take "enriched" sources and to output standard MC68020 assembly sources.
In short, ESA offers:
* logical and mathematical expressions;
* program flow control constructions;
* procedures and functions;
* includes handling;
* nesting of constructions;
* possibility of writing several assembly instructions on a single line;
leaving the programmer practically free to fiddle with registers, variables, etc. as per usual.
In practice, a sort of "extra-strong" assembly is defined - hence the name "ESA", used for both the tool and the language itself.

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