Network File System implementation aNFS (f.k.a. ch_nfs) now GPL. Help needed!

Date 6-Mar-2008 15:31:01
Topic: Software News

Original news by Jens Langer:
I just want to let you all know that I have put the sources of the former ch_nfs NFS client (part of AmiTCP) from Carsten Heyl online in a new project:

After the GPL release by Carsten in 2003, I unfortunately hadn't the time to setup the new project and try to compile the sources accordingly. Now the sources are online in a SVN repository and every interested developer is invited to contribute to the new public aNFS project. The current main task is to get the sources compiled/linked and running again.

Unfortunately Carsten couldn't supply all of the sources because he lost some of them :( . But at least the NFS backend should be completely there. What is currently missing are some amiga<>unix conversion routines as well as a proprietary hash implementation for managing the directory caches. But the rest should be straight forward ;)

So if you have some time/motivation or if you are a filesystem/handler expert (Olaf, joerg, Colin ;) you are highly invited to contribute as I think we all can do very well with an updated and native NFS client on OS4 ;)


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