ART Episode 22 - Cold and Flu Season

Date 16-Mar-2008 23:06:09
Topic: Announcement

Amiga Round Table - Podcast number 22

Hosts: Rich Lawrence, Sean Fitzgerald

Discussed in this weeks round up are the following items:

*Mediator supports the Radeon 9200 chipset!
*FPSE - Free PlayStation Emulator
*Amiga Future: New Full Versions Online

*Planet Hively’ by IRIS and Up Rough released!
*Amigahellas - The Magazine, Issue 4 - Preview of MiniMigNetwork File System implementation aNFS (f.k.a. ch_nfs) now GPL. Help needed!
*The C64 Take-away podcast
*Proposal for Amiga Book Archive - Old Thread on EAB, that was rezzed

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