Date 21-Mar-2008 9:48:08
Topic: Miscellaneous News

Another updated release of the Amiga emulator for the PSP.

Details from PSPUAE as follows:

We have released a new version of PSPUAE (Amiga Emulator for PSP), changes / improvements are listed below.

* Fixed, not saving Frameskip setting (thanks to horace, for making me see the code clearly)
* Added left / right sound DWORD code (from Winuae, fixes sound not outputing correctly)
* Made sound bug from 0.70 into an option, as it gives a speed increase
* Altered Frameskip logic (to help stop frameskip going crazy)
* Altered Official Cycle Unit to improve CPU speed option
* Added Anti-Interpolation sound code (from WinUAE)
* Added Stereo Seperation option

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