MindSpace News Overload!

Date 1-Apr-2008 15:52:34
Topic: Software News

A little later than expected, but still...

Not one, not two, but THREE exciting pieces of MindSpace News!

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1) Yet another update to the registered version of MindSpace will be available soon from the MindSpace website

2) A new freely distributable Demo Version is now available from the MindSpace website. This Demo version brings the casual user up to date with key MindSpace developments AND adds the ability to load files with the OpenOffice.org Draw .odg extension! See here for a glimpse of oo.org compatibility on OS4!

3) We've finally created a proper mailing list for MindSpace users: see the site for details on how to join.

4) Development continues apace on MindSpace 2: the Inkscape doppleganger for OS4. It now opens windows AND compiles on 68k (just not both at the same time, yet...)

NB: MindSpace is a vector drawing thingy for OS4. Rumour has it that MindSpace 2 will eventually be Quite Good (tm) and may even run under OS3.5.

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