Virus Executor (2.28) released

Date 6-Nov-2002 14:57:21
Topic: Software News

Virus Executor (2.28) has just been released by Jan Erik Olausen on the Virus Help Canada Pages.

Changes since v2.27:

  • Fixed bug: Removed some text output when 'Fast file checking' is set.

  • Fixed bug: In patch view window the offset was not right if no FD:

  • Fixed bug: Forgot to stop on one xadmaster.library error.

  • The result was an Enforcer hit.

  • Optimized file checking a bit.

  • The error requester for xadmaster.library now shows the archive type.

  • Moved KickTagPtr/KickMemPtr patches to the PatchBrain.

  • Also fixed serious bug/crash from v2.25 if there was an unknown kicktag. Thanks to Andreas Balke for reporting this bug.

    Changes to Patch Brain v2.49 (included):

  • Added 2 more patches to IPrefs

  • Added AslSizePatch v1.0

  • Added FPPrefs v40.22

  • ReAdded SlowReset, NewMode, ModePro

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