AmigaSYS 4: Would you make an installation manual?

Date 3-Apr-2008 16:57:40
Topic: Announcement

Because the AmigaSYS 4 will late, I thought that time should not pass unnecessary. If someone has the mood and would translate the english installation manual to any other language, then drop me a mail. I accept any help.

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I would like to ask:
-If you start the translation, I would like if we will count on you later (more versions).
-Only those people should write whose can finish the translation in the deadline (1 week).
- Any language will accepted, but if you use special characters, then use them in the correct ISO encoding and let me know about it.
- English, Deutsch, Hungarian, Polish, Italian translation are already finished.

The translations will available on the official AmigaSYS site beside the downloadable files, and inside the AmigaSYS pack too. Every translation will contain the translator's name.

The file size is only 8 kb (with good English context).

AmigaSYS official page

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