Murks! IDE 0.6.0 released

Date 8-Apr-2008 19:54:00
Topic: Software News

Murks! IDE is an Application Development Environment for AROS.
It uses the same Project File Format as AmiDevCpp, so Data exchange is possible.

Changes in Version 0.6.0:

Major changes:
- support C++ projects!
- Murks!IDE compiles Murks!IDE

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Minor changes:
- auto save when building
- show if file was edited
- open/create new project without closing Murks!IDE
- remove unit from project
- add existing (on disk) unit to project
- redirect compiler output to separate console
- save project as... option
- Murks!IDE sourcecode added as an example Project

Please submit bug reports and suggestions by using the Project's Homepage on Sourceforge.


Murks! IDE 0.6.0 with complete C/C++ Compiler Package (Readme)

Murks! IDE 0.6.0 with complete C/C++ Compiler Package (direct Download 16MB)

Murks! IDE 0.6.0 without Compiler Package (Readme)

Murks IDE 0.6.0 without Compiler Package (direkt Download 346 kB)

Murks! IDE Source Codes

gcc-3.3.1-i386-aros C/C++ Compiler Package (Readme)

gcc-3.3.1-i386-aros C/C++ Compiler Package (direct Download 15MB)

Before you install Murks!-IDE 0.6.0 on your PC, update AROS to a version newer than nightly-build from March 29, 2008.

Installation is simple. Just unzip the archive to your Harddisk.

Screenshot showing Murks! IDE compiling itself

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