New Programming C/C++ Course

Date 27-Apr-2003 16:32:49
Topic: Announcement

I just want to gauge interest in a new programming teaching project before I start to set things up (it'll probably start sometime over the summer). Basically it goes something like this :-

AmigaOS is in need of more programmers, as we keep losing more and more talent. There are plenty of people who want to learn, but it can be difficult to learn advanced stuff from books and there isn't exactly a wealth of material on Amiga programming on the internet. Some people have tried to provide tutorials, but these require an awful lot of work and aren't always easy to follow. This project provides a different approach.

What this project will do is put those who want to learn into small groups and then assign each group a "mentor", someone who has experience producing amiga software. The mentor will guide the group through a project from start to finish, beginning with choosing a suitable project through design issues, to actual programming and then bug-hunting, testing and final preparations. The idea is that the learning group will help each other along the way and motivate each other. It will probably be a good idea if those wishing to take part would learn the ANSI C basics first. (There are some good books available)

So if your are interested in learning this way or you would like to donate a bit of time each week to act as a "mentor" or even if you would like to help some other way (for example providing help getting people up and running with a compiler), please contact me at so I can gauge interest.


Andy Hall - AKA Uncharted

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