Delfina: The DSP makes the difference!

Date 12-Apr-2008 0:10:12
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Soundcards for the Amiga are continuously popular, but only one soundcard has a freely programmable DSP - a specialized audio processor. With this concept, the Delfina strictly follows the old Amiga-idea to do as much work as possible with specialized hardware in order to take load off the main processor. We have taken over the Delfina from Petsoff in 2003, but only published a software update once.

After more than four years, we're especially happy that Axel Schneider has taken over the development of the delfina.library in his spare time since october 2007. The original author Teemu Suikki (Finland) has published large parts of the Delfina software under different open-source licenses. For the first time, we're publishing the source code for drivers of a product that you can still buy in the shops and that's actively developed. Although it seems to be quite fashionable to increase prices for classic Amiga hardware, we don't see a reason to follow that trend. The price of the Delfina "flipper edition" of 129,- EUR(*) is still more than 140,- EUR under the price of the predecessors made by Petsoff.

The new library also allows connecting the Delfina to a 26-pin expansion port of our Zorro cards like Buddha and X-Surf (older models). Crashes that occured especially on fast accelerators and under high DSP-load, are probably completely eliminated. There are still some issues when playing back web radio streams with a bitrate of 256kbit or more that we could not trace back to the delfina library. Find out more in the readme file of the archive.

The software support for the older Delfina cards (made 1999 or earlier) is still in the drivers, but it is not maintained or tested any more. We recommend the use of a new card made by individual Computers.

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