45 - A tribute to Daniel Hansson

Date 14-Apr-2008 17:58:04
Topic: News

After the tragic passing of Elektron co-founder Daniel Hansson, a
compilation of music featuring the instruments he helped creating has
seen the light of day.

"45 - A tribute to Daniel Hansson" features unreleased tracks from
30 artists, some of them very well known to the public. The compilation
is an initiative coming completely from the Elektron-users web community
and we at Elektron are very moved by this. We really have the best user
base one can imagine.

When buying a copy of the compilation there is also an opportunity to
win a quite special prize. What it consists of we won't tell you here,
but we can assure you that it belongs to the once-in-a-life-time category.

All the proceeds from the compilation will go directly to the World
Wildlife Fund as environmental causes were close to Daniel's heart.

A big thanks goes out to all the artists who submitted tracks - but maybe
most of all to Ryan Faubion. He is the one who made the compilation
possible. Thank you!

Visit: http://www.45tribute.com/

The electron team


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