DiskMaster 2.5RC10 released

Date 28-Apr-2003 8:01:25
Topic: Software News

Rudolph Riedel has released a new beta version of the freeware file-manager DiskMaster II. Read more for the list of changes.

Changes since the last official release version (2.5RC9 (03-02-03)):

2.5RC10 (03-04-27) 74000 Bytes

- Bugfix: Opening a cmd-window thru a script and selecting a command from it that started a script opening new windows and then closed the cmd-window could cause enforcer-hits... Thanks for reporting to Richard Mattsson !

- Bugfix: 'Font' without argument caused an enforcer-hit.

- Bugfix: 'Copy', 'Delete' and 'Move' in dirs deeper than 256 chars caused a buffer-overflow - from now on only the filename is printed to the screentitle during operations.

- Bugfix: 'Copy' to a dest-window without path wasn't denied. Thanks for reporting to Richard Mattsson !

- Bugfix: Viewing a file thru some cmd-window command left the dir-window-title not updated.
- Bugfix: 'BarFormat', 'ReqPattern', 'Select', 'SetFormat', 'SetPattern' and 'TitleFormat' could encounter a buffer-overflow.

- Bugfix: 'UnLock' without parameter caused an enforcer-hit.

- Bugfix: 'SetFormat "N TS" could look slightly distorted. Thanks for reporting to Richard Mattsson !

- Bugfix: FreeUserData() does a RemPort() on top now, this finally seem to fix the mysterious hits when clicking wildly around during 'Iconify'/'Quit'...

- Increased stack for external archiver in 'Archive' to 8192 bytes.

- Lowered min-value for digits in 'SetX' to 4.

- Calculated sizes are now rounded by adding 512 before performing the divisions.

- Partly rewritten 'View' to make use of "NewGuide.nag_Lock", text.datatype crashes on long paths in "NewGuide.nag_Name"...

- Simplified menu-creation to speed up startup.

- Increased number of parsed Arguments to 60.

- Set priority for WinPort to 2 to comply with the autodoc for AddPort() which requests to give named ports at least a prio of 1 instead of 0.

- Changed length for 'SetFormat' to 20 which is still plenty.

- Removed unknown (!) and undocumented command 'Display'...

- 'SetFormat' has no longer impact on cmd-windows.

- Re-Integrated parser from 2.5RC3 release plus quite some new code around it to integrate it...

- Changed format of Startup.DM, all "important" commands are on top now to give new users a better start.

- Added a number of commands to the internal startup.

- As usual quite some more of internal little changes...

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