Issue 2 of #amiga guide magazine is out

Date 25-Apr-2008 2:58:47
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Issue 2 of #amiga guide magazine, which is number 2/3 - 2007, (double issue) is posted to all subscribers.
April 25 update:
Now available as a free pdf, (requires AmigaWeb membership)
Read more for contents in this issue...

Contents of #amiga guide magazine 2/3 - 2007:

- NAF - 15 years and still booting!
Norwegian Amiga Association celebrates 15 years anniversary 1992-2007.

- Codex Alpe Adria
Report from the Italian Amiga fair

Report of AROS from the hands of Michael Blackburn Heltne aka mike^^

-Test: EFIKA 5200 B
Test of the EFIKA 5200 B from Stian StrÝm aka Amigaguy

-Amiga Players
Sean Fitzgerald of ART writes about Amiga heroes and crooks

-Amiga Freak XL
Gary D., aka s00p of #amiga, is an Amiga freak of the XL format...

...and some other stuff.

The magazine is 28 A4 pages thick and 18 of these are in colors.

The free PDF isse of #amiga guide magazine issue 2/3 will be released in about 14 days.

Source: AmigaWeb

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