AmiZed Studios Trifecta. 3 Shows, 1 Weekend!

Date 20-Apr-2008 18:15:51
Topic: Announcement

AmiZed Studios, Producer of The Amiga Roundtble podcast, has not only posted the latest episode of Amiga Roundtable, but 2 other shows! When we roll, We roll!

First up, Amiga Roundtable, our flagship show..

Hosts: Rich Lawrence, Mike Blackburn, Bill Panagouleas

* Commodore going belly up.
* AmigaGuide #2 is out.
* New Downloads at Amiga Future.
* AmiTopia TV looking for videos of AMigas, MOS and AROS.

Plus announcements about Amiga-Z BBS and other notable things.

Next on the list.. Our newest Podcast which is also a video podcast, Confessions of a Drunk. This is a more adult humor podcast. Ever get drunk and wish you could forget some of the stuff you did? So does Miker, but he tells us what he did for the laughs.

And last but not least, is NewsTek, from DiscreetFX and AmiZed Studios, is the podcast about NewTek, and the digital lifestyle. So check them out and enjoy!

AmiZed Studios

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