clib2 1.203 for AmigaOS

Date 29-Apr-2008 17:55:49
Topic: Software News

An update to clib2 is now available from SourceForge with some bug fixes and rewritten ARexx variable interface code.

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c.lib 1.203 (28.4.2008)

- Added 68k stubs to amiga_rexxvars.c for the OS4 build to use. The new code now
works just about exactly like the amiga.lib RVI code used to do, which means
that there is no artificial length limit for the number of characters a string
retrieved may have, and the code is largely reentrant.

- To work around a bug in the Roadshow TCP/IP stack (since fixed), the waitselect()
function now substitutes a 10 microsecond timeout for a zero length timeout.

- isatty() no longer crashes if passed a socket rather than a file.

- Rewrote the GetRexxVar()/SetRexxVar() functions (mostly) in 'C', using available
code as a reference. The 68k stubs currently only work for the 68k version of
the library, and a solution for the OS4 build still needs to be found. The code
is currently untested, but it should be complete.

- The printf() family now ignores argument specifications, as in "%2$d %1$d",
which are used for localization on some platforms. This is a non-standard
feature and the way clib2 treats it for now is just intended to avoid
trouble while performing the conversion.

- [tboeckel]: when compiling amiga_rexxvars.c for m68k/OS3 the GetRexxVarFromMsg()
and SetRexxVarFromMsg() can no longer cause linkage errors if the header files
predate the SDK for OS 3.5.

- [jlangner]: the log() and log10() functions always returned -inf() even if the
arguments was within the valid range for a log() function. Using DBL_EPSILON as
the threshold was not correct as EPSILON is 2.2204460492503131E-16 whereas
values like 1E-200 are still valid double values for a log().

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