ART Episode 24 - Mother’s Day

Date 14-May-2008 12:16:16
Topic: News

Hosts: Rich Lawrence, Mike Blackburn

*Zorro II/III DMA USB 2.0 controller for all Zorro capable Amigas!
*Eric Schwartz Interview at AROS Show
*Origyn Web Browser 1.24
*VLC 0.8.6 Media Player


*Frodo the commodore 64 emulator hits the iphone
*Nice commodore 64 music ( third track is really really good! )
* Justwhat justin?
*The wiki/Amiga_OS needs your help ( asking people to participate )
*Confessions of A Drunk - Episode 5!
*Origyn Web Browser 1.24 ( for OS4)
*AmigaOS4 OWB 1.24 (1.5.2008)

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