Alternative Party 2008 website now open!

Date 2-Jun-2008 21:21:32
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Demos, computers, art and people
Alternative Party 2008 website is now open!

Steampunk and digital culture
The Alternative Party 2008 is a demoscene party and festival of digital culture which gathers together creative programmers, visualists, musicians, designers, researchers and passionate enthusiasts. The aim of this year's party is to showcase the very birth of computers: the Victorian era with steam, Charles Babbage and calculating machines. So put on your finest and join in the fun. [ALT]

The party will be held in Helsinki, Finland on October 24-26 2008.

Competitions include:

-Alternative & Dynamic Demo Competitions
-Oldschool Game Development Competition
-1 Channel Tracker Music Competition
-Most Obscure Machine competition

Other interesting content, such as:
-Classic computer exhibition (most machines fully working and freely usable)
-Interesting musical performances (complete list to be published later this month)

Check web page for more information

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