PortablE compiler released

Date 15-Jun-2008 13:38:51
Topic: Software News

PortablE is an AmigaE compiler, written from scratch in E, and able to compile itself. It supports Amiga OS3, OS4, AROS & MorphOS.


It attempts to improve on the AmigaE language, and also to make it portable across various OSes. Backwards compatibility was not a top priority, although I feel it is pretty good now.

PortablE is not a traditional compiler, because it doesn't output machine code, or even assembler, but rather it translates your code into another language (not just C++) for a chosen OS (not just AmigaOS). You would then be expected to give the output code to a 'real' compiler.

When PortablE is generating the target code, it tries to preserve most of the formatting & layout of the (original) source code. The aim here is that someone could edit the target code instead, and perhaps even use it instead of the source code.

If you want to find out more, or download it, then please visit it's home page:

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