Amiga + Eee Pc site lauched with Amisys4 install guide

Date 15-Jun-2008 18:50:20
Topic: Miscellaneous News has been launched as a new website about Amiga Emulation and operating systems on the Asus Eee Pc. I have added the previous Amikit on Eee Pc guide with updates. I have also listed details of everything I can find so far on Amithlon and Aros. If you have anything to contribute then contact me via the site. Not only that but I have created a guide for getting AmigaSys4 winuae running on the Eee Pc. You can view it on the site or below :D

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*AmigaSys 4 On Eee Pc Guide*

This is a Guide on how to install AmigaSYS 4 for winuae on eee pc. I have not tried other version. I have seen screen shots of Amiga under linux with the live distro.

1) Download and install winuae then download and install Amigasys 4 to the winuae directory.
2) Run winuae and load the amigasys config file and load your roms and start winuae.
3) Install the operating system you have a copy of by using the external cd drive. (This version was installed using Amiga Os XL - Amithlon)
4) Restart after install and open 'System' and then 'prefs' select 'screen mode' and change the setting to screenshot.
If you need to move the screen down then use alt + tab and the asus eeePC utility to 800 x 600

It should now look like this

Guide Created By TheFormula

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