Porting for Profit - Week #24 2008

Date 15-Jun-2008 19:15:23
Topic: hardware OS4

Here's a little round-up on what we in Porting for Profit have been up to lately.
This might be a reoccuring thingie if you guys want that. So without further ado, here the report for Week #24 - 2008.

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Maze of Galious

Maze of Galious - A fantastic remake of Konami's old MSX game with the same name. The remake is done by Brain Games. This is one of the better platform games for OS4 yet if you ask us!

Mole Invasion

Mole Invasion is another platformer that looks and plays very similar to Super Tux. Not as good as Maze of Galious, but it might be worth a look if you are bored, your kids might like it.


Pang is back to kick ass on modern Amigas! We bet that many of you, like us, wasted countless of quarters in the arcades on the original Pang, and then later countless of hours infront of the Amiga500 version! It's time to waste hours again folks!

Get them all on OS4Depot and don't forget to check out Spot's new porting blog that he is currently building. As soon as all ports are added he will post some port related stuff. The blog is located here!

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