Announcing VMWAros 0.8

Date 16-Jun-2008 15:31:10
Topic: Announcement

Paolo Besser announces on the site of VMWAros that version 0.8 of VMWAros entered debbugging stage and it will be soon available for download thanks to the efforts of Krzysztof Smiechowicz.


Announcing VmwAROS 0.8

The time to announce a new beta release of VmwAROS has come. Thanks to Krzysztof Smiechowicz, who kindly provided me a newer customized muimaster.library, I'm finally able to freeze the feature set of VmwAROS 0.8 and start the debug process. The new edition of VmwAROS will obviously include more apps and games than the 0.7 ones, a new dual-kernel function to prevent boot issues on very old ATA chipsets and initial SATA support for selected controllers (feature obviously limited to the Live! version).


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