4th Preview of Jabberwocky V1.4 available

Date 30-Apr-2003 0:36:31
Topic: Software News

The 4th Preview of Jabberwocky V1.4, an open sourced jabber client for the Amiga, is now available at the Jabberwocky homepage. Read more for the list of changes.

- http.c - Added Content-Type and Filesize to Transfer Header and eliminated null character in the Header. File transfers using WEB Browser now work. Apr 5, 2003

- transfer.c - Eliminated superflous gadgets from File Transfer window to reduce user confusion. Apr 6, 2003

- userinfo.c - Added seperate update procedure for Transports to avoid double roster entries. Apr 15, 2003 (Bug ID 584725)

- roster.c - Replaced double contact removal with seperate removals for Users and Transports. Eliminated subscribing to Transports to avoid double roster entries. Transports are supposed to be registered and not subscribed anyway. Apr 16, 2003

- agents.c - Added line to clear agents list when connecting. Eliminates multiple agents lists when disconnecting and reconnecting. Apr 20, 2003 (Bug ID 550881)

- presence.c - Eliminated duplicate subscription requests when disconnecting and reconnecting. Eliminated enforcer hit that occurred if the Subscription Window "Accept" or "Reject" buttons were clicked after the last subscription request was removed. Apr 21, 2003 (Bug ID 554328)

- roster.c - Added functions to close any open user windows before removing a contact. Also added error_pix to the roster dispose function. Apr 24, 2003 (Bug ID 549722)

- roster.c - Added functions to close all open user windows before disconnecting. Fixes enforcer hits that occur if you disconnect, reconnect and attempt to use windows that remained open. Apr 25, 2003

Note - The changes I made in roster.c and userinfo.c clear up the enforcer hits that are present in the current prerelease of v 1.4. It doesn't fix the source of the problem though. I think the hits are actually originating in the iksemel library when some unexpected or unusual XML is received. Something may have to be changed there eventually.

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