Porting for Profit - Week #25 2008

Date 22-Jun-2008 16:42:04
Topic: Software News

Week #25 of 2008 is here, and with that, another roundup on what Porting for Profit has been up to!

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Spot ported a very cool game engine called Megazeux. It has a huge modding community and lots of cool games.

This one for example:

It's called Eternal Eclipse Taoyarin. All Megazeux games are ANSI based, but don't let that stop you.
The work that has gone in to the best ones is amazing. Some of the best are available at OS4Depot.

Spot ported an NCurses based Sokoban/Boulder Dash clone called NPush.

NPush title screen.

Ingame action.

Spot ported Crimson Fields.

It now has E-mail and network support.

Spot ported Quantum Minigolf.

And he describes it as 'officially the weirdest game for os4'.
It's a minigolf game with a quantum physics engine. O_o

Varthall ported Blockout 2 - A 3D top-view Tetris clone.

Get them all from OS4Depot, we hope you'll enjoy them!

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