VMWAros beta 0.8 just released and ready to download!

Date 23-Jun-2008 0:29:10
Topic: Announcement

Paolo Besser announces the release of VMWAros 0.8. Release is available for download.

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VMware Server, Workstation (version 5.5 or above), Player, Fusion. Recommended a x86-based computer with a 1,5 GHz CPU; 512 MB system RAM; any 32-bit capable video card; any CD-ROM drive; max 6 GB of free space on hard drive.

New features:


A brand new version of VmwAROS is out. This release needed a lot of rework since the 0.7 tree, so users are encouraged to backup their data and clean their old installation before installing this one. Since paths for some programs have changed, using VmwUpdate may lead to duplicate drawers and programs, which is something you'd surely prefer to avoid. Here is a little list of what's changed, but it's only what I remember so far:

- added emergency mode kernel and options

Emergency Mode is not a "Windows-safe-mode"-like option, but a way to force AROS booting on some old machines which aren't compatible anymore with the current AROS ata.device. Users who got booting problems with VmwAROS 0.7 and 0.7.1 should always use this option: in emergency mode, VmwAROS behaves exactly as in normal mode, no other functions than the partial SATA support are disabled.

- added complete development environment with C, C++ and E (PortablE)

- updated Murks! IDE to version 0.6.0

- Murks! can run from CD (but it's not completely safe)

- added checks for proper assign and development paths (LIVE! only)

- Murks! and development tools can be installed either in Sys: or Work: (LIVE! only)

Murks! IDE 0.6.0 can now compile itself!

- added filesystem and futilities menu to AmiStart

- moved SimpleMail directly in the /Utilities directory

- added lots of new games

- added lots of new utilities

- added some sound and video commands (madahi, play, playnosound, aramp and so on) (sound working only on LIVE! version with AROS supported audio cards).

- enhanced graphic theme

- added PlayStation emulator FPSE

- added some new fonts

- VmwAROS now launches Opaque commodity at startup

- custom muimaster.library updated to June 15th sources

- system files updated to may 23rd nigthly build, some files are newer

- updated Quick and dirty guide in PDF



Please notice that during installation on hard drive you will be propmted if to overwrite an existing file (06-amigamia-04_AROS_Creation.jpg). Don't worry: whatever thing you'll do, installation will proceed and terminate as expected.


Webmasters: please use this link to provide the right download location: http://ve.vmwaros.org.

Enjoy VMWAros beta 0.8!

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