Modula-2 Compiler - Native PPC Code for OS4

Date 23-Jun-2008 16:44:44
Topic: Announcement

Hello all. I've uploaded a new OS4 compiler producing native PPC code:

AgletM2PPC on OS4Depot

This replaces and is a total re-write of the AgletM2 compiler, which produces M68K code for emulation.

Note that this requires OS4 final, the Hyperion SDK, and, for the included IDE,
either GoldEd, CygnusEd, or TurboText.

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Please feel free to try it out and complain to me if you run into problems. The
Amiga DOS install script does not make any changes to any of your files in



Here is the Readme page for OS4Depot:

This is the Beta0 release of a native PPC Modula-2 compiler for Amiga OS4.
AgletM2PPC v3.0 (29.5.2008) implements much of the ISO Modula-2 base standard.

I make no representations about the suitability of this software
for any purpose. It is provided "as is" without express or implied warranty.

This is copyrighted freeware being distributed "as-is". I hope it can be useful
for anyone interested in developing new generation Amiga software with a
Wirthian language.

Even though this is the first Beta release, I believe the package is in a fairly
useable condition. I have successfully built a number of non-trivial programs
with it:

- The (pre)Linker used for building programs
- The M2IDE development environment that comes with it
- IDLTm2, an IDLTool analogue for producing Interface DEFINITION modules
- A test generator program, tgM2, for Modula-2
- The GuideMaker program on OS4Depot
- The LoggerWindow program on OS4Depot
- (Self compilation for the compiler is not far off)

It goes without saying the compiler is not competitive with GCC for PPC code
optimization, but it does a good job of creating correct machine code for a
correct Modula-2 program.

Modula-2 is certainly a relatively "obscure" (at least in the U.S)
language, but far from a dead one. A number of compilers are available without
cost for different platforms. There is an ISO standard and most newer compilers,
including AgletM2PPC, cleave closely enough to the standard to achieve good

It does offer some things you don't get with GNU C:

A better approach to building modular software - You don't have to spend 50% of
your development time figuring out why your "make" file does not work. :)

A cleaner, simpler language than C, offering a better type system, more rational
array handling, much better design for modular programming supporting Abstract
Data Types and much greater opportunity to change module implementations without propagating complexity and uncertainty.

Included Amiga oriented support modules designed to enable you to effectively
start using Intuition, Reaction, etc, without having to become an expert in all
the details. - Direct calls to all Amiga Libraries are available, but
intermediate modules from Aglet like "SimpleGUI", "SimpleRequesters",
"SimpleImageHander", "SimpleRexx", and "AmigaTimer" expose a straightforward
interface to common needs.

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