Poseidon v4.1

Date 30-Jun-2008 22:00:34
Topic: hardware OS4

a new update of Poseidon is available today. It can be downloaded using
Trident online update or from my website http://www.platon42.de/

Starting from V4.0, Poseidon is no longer keyfile bound -- it is only
licenced to E3B hardware (and MorphOS). You cannot upgrade Poseidon to V4.x
for using it with the Spider, Amithlon or Thylacine, so please don't
attempt to do so, I will not provide the legacy archives for downgrading.

Users of E3B hardware can may upgrade for free to this latest version. This
includes Subway, Highway, Algor and Deneb users, no matter if they were
using an old Poseidon V2.x or V3.x release. No keyfile is required.

If you want to support me, please consider donating an item from my Amazon
wishlist (URL below). Thanks!
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Big news
- Maintenance release.
- Fixes in config handling and change detection
- Fixes in PTP class, USB Audio and Mass Storage.
- Ethernet drivers now are ready for transmission before S2_ONLINE.
- HID class now supports AmigaOS 4 input events for better compatibility.

- Support for Realtime ISO transfers.
- Support for USB Audio (Streaming / Soundcards)
- Better semaphore handling.
- Support for 3D Space Navigator in HID Class.
- USB Power Sockets supported by shell tool.
- Sonix Webcam shell tool and VHI driver with RT ISO support.
- Support for the Deneb USB 2.0 board.
- Several bugfixes and enhancements.

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