New Up Rough releases from Compusphere - Up & Rough

Date 1-Jul-2008 3:40:05
Topic: hardware OS4

Up Rough Soundsystem released lots of new stuff at Compusphere - Up & Rough.

Read more, lot of info (mod note)...

Two new intros:


A small A1200/AGA intro. Download here! Feedback here!
Code: Booger Graphics: Spot Music: Qwan

Less is Less - Up Rough is More:

A small A500/OCS intro. Download here! Feedback here!
Code: Britelite, Booger Graphics: Spot Music: Mortimer Twang Idea: Plus8

Lots of new music:

Metaformer a Chip-MOD by Qwan.
Urban Shuffle Remix a MOD by Qwan.
Waste-Land a MOD by Goto80.
Up Garage Treat Mix a MOD by Mortimer Twang.
Steal da Wheelz Riddim an XM by Spot.
Get the L out of Brooklyn a MOD by Syphus.

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