Porting for Profit - Week 26 and 27 2008

Date 6-Jul-2008 18:19:30
Topic: hardware OS4

It's that time of the month again, and with that another roundup on what Porting for Profit has been up to! Sorry for the lack of releases these last two weeks, we've been busy making stuff for Compusphere 2008.

Spot ported a remake of the old DOS classic Sopwith.
I remember playing this a lot at a friends place when I was a kid.
This remake is quite faithful, and it even emulates the PC Speaker sound.

Download SDL Sopwith here!

RGBlocks is a Tetris clone that uses OpenGL for display.
If you are using an earlier version that 2.0 of MiniGL remember to
set interrupts to NO in your Radeon icon.

Download here!

BlockRage a columns clone, it's quite decent.

Download here!

NC-Fighter a vertical shoot em up in a text environment! :)

Download here!

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