Status of Word Me Up XXL new releases

Date 15-Jul-2008 21:46:04
Topic: Software News

Sadly, and despite all of our best efforts, we are disappointed to announce there will not be another Amiga version of WordMeUp XXL. We advise Amiga fans to use modern "NG" systems like MorphOS 2.0 or AmigaOS 4.1 to enjoy this award-winning game.
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WordMeUp XXL development on AROS is on hold for now: there being stability issues (no adequately stable version), issues with exchange of data between several computers, etc. We will study this release again in a few months. We're quite confident that AROS will be better at that time.

WordMeUp XXL development on AmigaOS 3.x is hereby cancelled. We tried to make a WordMeUp XXL version for WinUAE units. But, after having successfully porting it to this emulator, the result is not as good as we had hoped, notably concerning playability. That is why we have decided against a 68k version.

A Windows release is planned. MacOS and Linux releases are also being studied with care.

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