Price for the Minimig enclosure announced

Date 20-Jul-2008 22:28:33
Topic: hardware OS4

Hi everyone,

I am very pleased to announce the price of the Minimig enclosure. There will be an initial limited production run, so first come first serve. I am offering it at an aggressive price. It undercuts any other mini/nano itx form factor case on sale.

• It completely encloses and protects the Minimig board (rev 1.1) as sold by ACube, Amigakit and Vesalia...

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• 4mm thick acrylic-capped High Impact ABS

• Clip-in mounting system, no need for screws

• Access to all ports on the Minimig board, including the Reset and Menu switches.

• Four 8mm high black rubber feet

• Modern, clean, elegant design

• Visual access to Power and Drive LEDs

• Easy assembly with only two screws

• Colour: glossy white

• Completely exclusive!

I have started taking pre-payments to go into production – A big thank you to everyone who has confirmed their pre-payment!

How to pay: PayPal, to speed things up.

Email: for photos and video.

Price for one Minimig enclosure in glossy white is: 67.45 (GBP) + Postage and Packaging

As it is custom made and of limited production, I believe it is good value for money.

Now your Minimig has a home.

Thank you very much for your support,


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