Andy Finkel to be interviewed for CommVEx v4

Date 24-Jul-2008 23:27:37
Topic: Events

Hello, all,

Sorry for the late notice, but it was literally two weeks ago that CBM engineer Bill Herd suggested the idea of a video conference into this year's CommVEx, instead of the usual pre-recorded, yearly CBM Animals video. He has rounded up Andy Finkel, CBM engineer who has worked on the VIC-20, C64, and Amiga as the focus of this conference. Bil said, "I was able to get hold of Andy Finkel who was head of the games group the entire time I was there and went on to do LOTs of Amiga stuff, he literally knows where some of the bodies were buried on the Amiga sw."

Well, with a few days to go before CommVEx, everyone is virtually running around to get this done. Details are changing at the each moment. It might be a video conference; it might just be a telephone conference. It all depends on how Bil, Andy, Dave Haynie, and now AmiWest Show Internet radio/video guru, Bill "Tekmage" Bosari can get it all together on their end.

This though is certain - Bil Herd will introduce and be moderator for an interview with Andy Finkel. All we have to do is provide more questions for Andy, or as Bil puts it, "20 questions...".

So if you have a question for Andy (or even Bil), post it here and I will gather them up to present to them.

CommVEx in 2 days!
Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group
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