Apologies regarding invalid Cave Story announcement.

Date 29-Jul-2008 21:11:27
Topic: Announcement

My apologies.

Due to communication problems on my part, the previous announcement about Cave Story is not actually correct.
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I misinterpreted the mail I was sent. It was stored on my webmail, which I don't check very often. When I went to post this News Item, I couldn't find the mail as I wasn't looking in the right place, so, I relied on my memory. I accidentally mixed up two different events and e-mails that lead to this invalid announcement.
My deepest apologies for this.

Long story short, Cave Story remains out of commission as the port turned out to have a serious bug, that makes the game impossible to complete.
The bug is not yet fixed nor found, so the powers that be have decided having it out there is kind of pointless.

I asked the Moderation Team to remove the other news item as it was inaccurate. Don't blame them for the deletion, I am responsible for this mess on my own, and I am the one to blame.

Again, people, I am very sorry for this mess.

Signed, spotUP

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