HSC (0.930) released

Date 1-May-2003 14:16:21
Topic: Software News

Matthias Bethke released v0.930 of the HTML preprocessor called "HTML Sucks Completely" (HSC) (originally written by Thomas Aglassinger).

HSC sources should compile on all systems previously supported (tested: Linux, HP/UX, AmigaOS 3.9).

Documentation is available online.

An Amiga readme can he found here, and the Amiga binary archive here. (132K LHA)

This archive also includes the latest prefs and macro files.

Changes since v0.929 include:

  • HSC
    • Fixed tag-nesting checks that broke no-idea-when.
    • For those who want to omit optional closing tags, /AUTOCLOSE now makes more sense than it probably ever did
    • STRIPCOMMENTS is more selective now, stripping only real SGML comments and not e.g. definitions.
    • In container macros, the current context was not correctly restored after a tag, causing global variables to be considered local and changes to them discarded at the end of the macro. Fixing this also sped up macro expansion a little.
    • Internalized all entity definitions that had been in the prefs file so far.
  • Prefs: removed obsolete entity definitions.

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